Large 2,823sm East Jindabyne Block

oRegistered and ready for development
oZoning allows dual occupancy & short-term holiday usage (subject to council approval)
oLarge sloping lot with feature waterway & mature gus on the northern boundary
oOffering pleasant suburbia views with Lake glimpse possible
oFull town services including underground power, sewer, water, access to wireless NBN & storm water

Zone RU5 Village

1 Objectives of zone
• To provide for a range of land uses, services and facilities that are associated with a rural village.
• To protect and conserve the historical significance, character and scenic quality of rural village settings.
• To encourage and provide opportunities for population and local employment growth.
• To ensure that development in village areas is compatible with the environmental capability of the land, particularly in terms of the capacity of the land to accommodate on-site effluent disposal.

2 Permitted without consent Home occupations

3 Permitted with consent Building identification signs; Business identification signs; Child care centres; Community facilities; Dwelling houses; Light industries; Liquid fuel depots; Neighbourhood shops; Places of public worship; Recreation areas; Recreation facilities (indoor); Recreation facilities (outdoor); Respite day care centres; Roads; Schools; Any other development not specified in item 2 or 4

4 ...


Gordon Jenkinson
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... Prohibited Air transport facilities; Airstrips; Animal boarding or training establishments; Aquaculture; Biosolids treatment facilities; Cemeteries; Correctional centres; Crematoria; Electricity generating works; Forestry; Heavy industrial storage establishments; Helipads; Highway service centres; Home occupations (sex services); Industries; Intensive livestock agriculture; Livestock processing industries; Mortuaries; Open cut mining; Recreation facilities (major); Resource recovery facilities; Restricted premises; Roadside stalls; Rural workers’ dwellings; Sewage treatment plants; Sex services premises; Signage; Stock and sale yards; Waste disposal facilities; Water supply systems